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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow links movement to breath through a dynamic sequence of poses that moves energy throughout the body.  The smooth, continuous flow deepens breathing, increases endurance, and consistently tests the edge of your balance, strength and flexibility.  Challenge the body and calm the mind by working at your own personal edge.  Modifications are offered for beginners and challenges offered for more advanced practitioners, but attending the Vinyasa Flow Basics class first is encouraged if you’re new to yoga.

Vinyasa Flow Basics

This class is designed as an introduction to the practice of yoga, or for anyone who just wants to get back to basics.  It is a slower paced class that introduces the fundamentals of a yoga practice, including breath, proper alignment, and mindfulness practices.  The focus is developing clear and safe alignment in foundational poses.  Come to learn, play, and maybe even break a sweat in a supportive environment.  Many long time students take Basics classes regularly because the pace of the class offers time for students to develop self awareness and refine their practice.  All bodies are welcome.

Yin Yang

A completely integrated practice combining both yang and yin styles of yoga.  We start with yang, a strong, heating and energizing Vinyasa Flow and then transition to yin, a cooling and quiet, inward meditative practice that uses long, passive holds (3-5 minutes) targeting joints, the deep connective tissues, and fascia.  Emphasis is on the hips, thighs and lower back.  A great way to let go of stress and tension, it challenges the mind to surrender and allow the body to open.

Candlelight Flow

Similar to our Vinyasa Flow class but with the beautiful ambiance of low lighting.  A few longer holds allow you time for centering and softening, while encouraging you to embrace the inward journey of yoga.


Breath, relax, restore, rejuvenate, and let go.  45 minutes of guided Meditation and Breath work.  Through breath and/or body awareness you will easily connect with the present moment, be aware of your thoughts, feelings and sensations, accept what is and learn mindfulness techniques you can carry throughout your day.

Yin Yoga

In this relaxing and revitalizing class, we will explore restorative yin poses. You will hold passive poses for several minutes at a time using the gentle support of props resulting in a release of physical and mental tension, calming of the nervous system while dropping into a state of ultimate well-being and ease. All levels and abilities welcome.

Sound Bath

What do you do when the body is tense and mind is constantly racing? There’s a natural remedy for it that’s been used for centuries: sound baths. With The Sound Bath experience, you’ll hear deconstructed (or pure) tonal music that can help to release emotional blockages and clear out energetic pathways so you can tap into your most authentic self.

By utilizing crystal tones, alchemy bowls, and a planetary gong, relaxation-inducing sounds are produced to put you into a deep meditative state. Slower sound waves and vibrations heighten the transition from a normal waking state (beta) to a meditative and deep sleep state (alpha/delta) allowing the body to relax and the mind to drift off. The sounds are metabolized chemically in the body which contributes to the balance of the nervous and glandular system, improved quality of sleep, decreased pain, and a better ability to cope with stress.

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