COVID-19 Policy

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented new policies to keep our studio community safe. Please do your part to uphold these guidelines:

  • Cleaning & Disinfecting— In addition to professional cleaning services, we will be performing thorough cleaning and disinfecting throughout the studio (including the yoga room, reception, and bathrooms) between every class making sure to get to all frequently touched surfaces,.
  • Touchless additions— A touchless hand sanitizer station is provided in reception when you first enter, and touchless soap dispensers are provided in the bathrooms. Wipes will be available as well.
  • Class Schedule— We have a reduced schedule to allow for time to clean between classes. Both in-studio and Live Streaming classes are offered for your convenience, and to support your preference should you not be ready to practice in-studio yet. Note: We will add more classes as demand warrants (keeping time for cleaning in between). Additionally, we will continue to record live stream classes and make the recordings available for later viewing.
  • Social Distancing— Practice in the reception area and throughout the studio. Class sizes are reduced to a maximum of 8, and mat locations will be marked in the yoga room.
  • Stay Home— If you are feeling sick, stay home. According to the guidance, we will be checking temperatures with a touchless thermometer. Anyone with a temperature above 100.3 degrees F will be sent home.
  • Masks— Facial coverings required to enter the studio.
  • Wash Hands— and utilize the hand sanitizing station upon arrival.
  • Pre-registration Required— Reserve your spot in class. We will allow a waitlist of 3 students who will be informed if another student cancels their spot up to 3 hours before class, at which point our new late cancellation policy takes effect.
  • Cancellations and No-Shows (in-studio only)— Due to our limited class size, we will enforce a cancellation fee of $20 for any cancellations made within 3 hours of class time, or for no-shows.
  • No Props, Towels, or Rental Mats — we will not be providing or renting out. Please bring your own, or they can be purchased in studio or in our online store.
  • Fresh Air— To allow for fresh air circulation, we will be propping open all the doors during most classes (probably not during meditation since the cars driving in and out can be distracting). When all the doors are open, it creates a light breeze. Note: If it becomes too hot and/or the class wants to turn on the air, we will do so. It will be the teacher’s call.